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News and Community

Welcome alumni, parents, faculty and friends!

Welcome!  This is your private, online community created exclusively for alumni and friends.  It is a FREE secure, password-protected environment established by the Palmyra Public School District.

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News and Community

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Where is everyone?


There's a rousing cheer rings far and near,

And the air is filled with song;

When we shout her praise these happy days

As we mingle with the throng.

For we ever, as we sing,

Make Palmyra's praises ring.

Come join with us in songs of praise,

And let every voice be raised.

Oh we'll sing and shout her praises well,

For our Alma Mater dear.

PHS Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Site Administrator / Community Manager

Site AdminJoan Toye Sambuco, Class of 1979

Reunions and Events

Be sure to check out the list of reunions and events posted to the left in "Upcoming Events".  If you are a planner of a future event, be sure to read "Event planning information / add an event" for tips and information to make your event a success.

Palmyra High School History

High school classes began shortly after the completion of the Spring Garden Street School in 1895; this building is on the National Register of Historic Places. With increased enrollment, the school was moved to a former girls school, Berkeley Hall, in 1907, and to its own building in 1909. A large addition was completed in 1922. The 1909 structure was destroyed by fire in 1957, and after a vote that narrowly defeated establishing a regional high school, additions were made to the building in 1958 and 1961.

In 1907 the Red Devils, Palmyra's football team, began its rivalry with Bulington City.  This is the oldest school rivalry in Burlington County.  Now we are known as the Palmyra Panthers, but the rivalry still exists as does Palmyra High School's fierce determination and drive to achieve both Scholastic and Athletic excellence.

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Facebook might have over 800 million active users, but nothing brings all of Palmyra together in one place.  With no district support, and no alumni association, it is up to alumni to keep this site alive.

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2016 Contributors:

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  • Kathryn Lennox $25 is something special. It is like a library or a public park. It is a place we can all go to gather, to share, to live our experiences with others.

If everyone reading this donated 50¢, we would only have to fundraise for one day a year. But not everyone can or will donate. And that's fine.  Each year just enough people decide to give.

This year, please consider making a donation of $25 or whatever you can to protect and sustain

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Why is funding needed?

Alumni Channel is a host of online directories / online communities.  Since October 2006 the superintendent of Palmyra Schools has funded this site. Since July 2013 alumni must now support it.

Expenses include:

  • Hosting costs
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  • Technical support (available to your site administrator Joan, and for those having trouble logging in or accessing the site)
  • Server administration (backups, server upgrades, software patches and hotfixes)

The retail value of these services is between $800 per year.  Ideally, the school district, an alumni association, or an education foundation with a vested interest in alumni, alumni data and communication with alumni would cover the costs of the site, but with the school having none of these (or none that are interested) contributions must come from alumni to pay the bills.

Alumni Channel hosts the site on an annual basis, so the costs above are recurring every year.

Thank You Web Site Contributors

Thank you everybody who helps keep the site alive!


2015 Contributors:

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2014 Contributors:

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    Past Contributors

    2013 Contributors

    Gary Weart '67 $25 (11/12)
    Class of 1963 $50 (10/18)
    Cindy (Pierson) Horton '75 $30 (10/15)
    Fred McGinnis '61 $25 (10/7)
    Samuel Wargny '48 $25 (10/1)
    Dan Batchelor '85 $20 (9/29)
    Tom Maier '69 $50 (9/26)
    Bob Bostock '72 $50 (9/25)
    Butch Haines '49 $50 (9/24)
    Deron Cherry '77 $200 (9/24)
    Betty Jane Herrmann (Hess) '66 $100 (9/24)
    John Bradshaw $100 (9/24)
    Joan Smith (O'Connor) '49 (9/23/13)
    Barbara Haffey $10 (9/23/13)
    Barbara Genther $10 (9/23/13)

    Photo Gallery

    Photos from 1949 through 1955 are online in the gallery.

    Where Are They Now

    Where Are They Now - Deron Cherry Where Are They Now - Deron Cherry

    Posted Feb 7, 2013 on

    Take a look at the life and career of former Chiefs great, and PHS '77 grad, Deron

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